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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

China´s Model Convention 2010

Breaking News!!!!!

John Robert Powers was invited to deliver a two (2) day modelling workshop for the China Models Convention organized by the Professional Models Committee of China Fashion Association and SMI Corporation. The convention was held at the Xing Mei Film & Television Center in Huairou District, a few kilometres outside of Beijing. It ran from August 10-14, 2010 and had 150 participants coming from various districts and provinces of China.

Although China has a Fashion Institute which certifies a person to work as a model, the China Fashion Association invited John Robert Powers to share and shed light to some of the best practices in the modelling industry worldwide.

The workshop given by the John Robert Powers facilitators were exercises on lengthening, catwalk, powers glide, powers stride, powers carriage and powers attitude - that irresistible x factor that John Robert Powers´ graduates are known to carry. This was accomplished on the first day of the workshop. The second day the participants were given preparatory exercises for photo shoot activities. While the activities for the first day focused on the body, the second day focused on the face and how to use it effectively in creating a mood and a visual statement. The participants were so eager to learn these skills that all inhibitions broke loose and they strutted and posed to the cameramen´s delight!

After each workshop day, participants would gather around the facilitators, led by Ms. Patricia Castillo & Ms Carolina Tan, both from John Robert Powers Manila, and raise questions about how to improve their skills in walking, turning, and posing. These young men and women were serious about pursuing an international modelling career. They were also curious about the JRP School that will soon open in Beijing and were asking where it would be located and how they can enrol.

Each evening, after the workshops were done, events and competitions would be held such as best in casual clothes, best in talent, and best in swimsuit.

This was a high profile convention as it was covered by the media.